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The respective Boards of General Practice SA and Summit Health are pleased to announce that the Board of GPSA has agreed to pass control of GPSA over to Summit Health. This move comes on the back of the GPSA Board considering a variety of alternatives for GPSA moving forward, balancing contractual commitments (including the evolution of the MHSC program), caring for its people and retaining its vision of opportunities for general practice support in South Australia. The decision was reached in the best interests of the organisation, its staff and with a view to us fulfilling our contractual and constitutional obligations. The effective date has been agreed as 27 April 2018.

It is important that remaining contracts have continuity in a home familiar with the issues and opportunities, whilst the transferring reserves will see investment in general practice initiatives into the future with the benefit of retention of our people knowledge.

As part of this new future, both parties are also pleased to announce that some GPSA reserves are being granted to Doctors Health SA ( for two years ($25,000 per annum), demonstrating ongoing commitment to the health of the medical profession and the great work being done by Doctors Health SA in both metropolitan and regional areas.

Craig Farrow, Chair of GPSA, notes his thanks on behalf of the Board to Tania Alland and Ranjit Raje for their commitment and contribution and is pleased to see both continue with Summit Health.

Professor Keith Evans, Chair of Summit Health, thanked the Board of GPSA for the opportunity to continue the work of GPSA – particularly in relation to further developing the Health Provider Registry and GPSA’s networking support to the remaining former Divisions of General Practice – and was pleased that both staff had been able to be retained in the transition. Professor Evans also commented that it was pleasing that the next evolution of GPSA would take place back within the spiritual space of the former Divisions of General Practice network from which GPSA was created.

From 5.00pm Friday, 27 April the Directors of GPSA will be Professor Keith Evans, Dr Michal Wozniak, Ms Ursula Dahl, Mr Kevin Wisdom-Hill and Ms Helen Shaw. The corporate structure and operations will remain largely unchanged in the first instance whilst Summit Health finalises the integration of GPSA operations. This is expected to be completed by July 2018.

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